Tech Mahindra 2nd Round MCQ Non-SDE Tech All 12 Sections Repeating Question and Answer PDF Download


Tech Mahindra 2nd Round Non-SDE Tech All 12 Sections Repeating Question and Answer PDF Download
Tech Mahindra 2nd Round Non-SDE Tech All 12 Sections Repeating Question and Answer PDF Download

Tech Mahindra 2nd Round Complete Technical and Non-Technical Questions and All Coding Question with Solution | Non-SDE Tech Technical & NonTechnical Solved by Pappu Career Guide

Tech Mahindra 2nd Round 12th April Exam Shifts Non-SDE Tech All Sections Question with Solution

TECH MAHINDRA Non-SDE ALL Technical & Non-Technical All Repeated MCQ Questions with  SOLUTIONS:

1. Gp ( Done)
2. Bitwise operation (Done)
3. Frequency Count (Done)
4. Caesar Cipher (Done)
5. Number of Decoding (Done)
6. Longest Common Subsequence 
7. Numbers Puzzle
8. Longest Increasing Subsequence 
9. Moving Apples
10. infix to postfix
11. Penalty
12. Euler’s Totient Function
13. Next Number Generator
14. Next Number Element
15. Maximum Subarray
16. Minimise a String
17. Dubai Airport 
18. Possible Decodings
19. Longest Decreasing Subsequence 
20. Longest Palindromic subsequence
21. Module 11 code
22. Roots of the Quadratic Equation
23. Maximum Subarray
24. Number of Selective Arrangement
25. The Cuckoo Sequent
26. Character Count

All Tech Mahindra 12 Sections Repeated MCQ Questions with Solution:

// Solved By Pappu Career Guide

  1. Fluid Intelligence
  2. Analytics Ability and Problem Solving
  3. Numerical Ability
  4. Verbal Ability
  5. Hands-on Programming
  6. Data Structure
  7. Algorithm
  8. Linux
  9. Psuedo Codes
  10. Database Query Languages
  11. Software Testing Concepts
  12. Software Testing Methodologies

1.   Linux

Que 1: Which has excellent support for older hardware?

(A) Unix

(B) Linux

(C) Minix

(D) Xenix

Ans: B

Que 2: What is the other name of the new shell?

(A) Baby shell

(B) Junior shell

(C) Child shell

(D) Assistant shell

Ans: C

// Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 3: In Linux hard disk partition, hda2, a stands for the ___

(A) first hard drive

(B) first partition

(C) second partition

(D) second hard drive

Ans: A

Que 4: Who developed Linux?

(A) Dennis Ritchie

(B) Linus Torvalds

(C) Ken Thompson

(D) Prof. Andrew S. Tannenbaum

Ans: B

Que 4: In which year Linux was developed?

(A) 1989

(B) 1990

(C) 1991

(D) 1992

// Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 5: The trial version of Linux is called

(A) Alpha

(B) Beta

(C) Gamma

(D) Stable

Que 6: SA is also known as root user or

(A) Supervisor

(B) Multi-user

(C) Single user

(D) Superuser

Ans: D

Que 7: Who is primarily responsible for the smooth functioning of the system?

(A) System Advisor

The (B) System coordinator

(C) System Manager

(D) System Administrator

Ans: D

Que 8: Where do the users arrive after entering exit in the Linux system?

(A) Login screen

(B) Internet

(C) Logout screen

(D) Login prompt

Ans: D

A single dot (.) with cd refers to ___

(A) Change directory

(B) Created directory

(C) Current directory

(D) Parent directory

Ans: C

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

2. Pseudo Code

Que 1: What will be the output of the following pseudocode?


Integer i

Set i = 3


print i + 3

i = i - 1

while(i not equals 0)

end while


A) 6 6 6

B) 6 5 6

C) 5 5 5

D) 6 5 4


Ans: D


Que 2: What would be the output of the following pseudocode?


Integer a

String str1

Set str1 = “goose”

a = stringLength(str1)

Print (a ^ 1)



A) 0

B) 4

C) 5

D) 3


Ans: B


Que 3: Consider an array A = {1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12} and a key which is equal to 10. How many comparisons would be done to find the key element in the array using the binary search?

A.     5

B.     1

C.     2

D.     3


Ans: D

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 4: What would be the output of the following pseudocode?


Integer i, j, k

Set k = 8

for(each i from 1 to 1)

        for(each j from the value of i to 1)

            print k+1

        end for

end for


A.     2

B.     9

C.     7

D.     8


Ans: B

Que 5: What will be the output of the following pseudocode?

Integer a, b

Set a = 15, b = 7

a = a mod (a - 3)

b = b mod (b – 3)

a = a mod 1

b = b mod 1

Print a + b


A) 15

B) 7

C) 2

D) 0

Answer: 0


3. Database Query Languages

Que 1: Which data manipulation command is used to combines the records from one or more tables?




Answer: JOIN 

// Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 2: Which of the following is not a valid SQL type?






Que 3: SQL permits attribute names to be repeated in the same relation. (True or False)



Answer: FALSE

// Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 4: Which operator is used to compare a value to a specified list of values?




Answer: IN [Option: C]

Que 5: Does a SQL query automatically eliminate duplicates (True / False)?



Answer: FALSE 


4. Software Testing Concepts

Que 1: _______________ is not a software quality model.

  •  McCall model
  •  Boehm model
  •  ISO 9000
  •  ISO 9126

ISO 9000 is not a software quality model.

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 2: Black box testing is only functional testing.

  •  True
  •  False


Que 3: Testing which performed first is -

  •  Dynamic testing
  •  Black box testing
  •  White-box testing
  •  Static testing

Static testing is performed first.


Que 5: Which one is the main focus of acceptance testing.

  •  testing the system with other systems
  •  testing for a business perspective
  •  finding faults in the system
  •  testing the system with other systems

testing for a business perspective is the main focus of acceptance testing.

Que 6: What is cyclomatic complexity in software testing?

  •  Black box testing
  •  Yellow box testing
  •  White-box testing
  •  Green box testing

White-box testing

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

5. Software Testing Methodologies

Que 1: Which of the following is not true about Software Validation?

A. Validation ensures the product underdevelopment is as per the user requirements.
B. Validation does not emphasize user requirements.
C. Validation emphasizes user requirements.
D. Validation is carried out at the end of the SDLC.

Ans: B


Que 2: In which type of testing : software is compiled as a product and then it is tested as a whole?

A. Integration Testing
B. Acceptance Testing
C. Regression Testing
D. None of the above

Ans: B

Que 3: Test cases should uncover errors like

A. Nonexistent loop termination
B. Comparison of different data types
C. Incorrect logical operators or precedence
D. All of the above

Ans : D

// Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 4: Select from which of the following regression testing should be performed.

a) Every week
b) After the software has changed
c) As often as possible
d) When the environment has changed
e) Both option (b,d)

Ans: e

Que 5: Impact Analysis helps to decide which of the following testing describe below.

a) How much regression testing should be done
b) How many more test cases need to write
c) Exit Criteria
d) Different Tools to perform Regression Testing

Ans: a

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

6. data Structures

Que 1: Which data structure allows deleting data elements from the front and inserting them at the rear?

  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Deques
  • Binary search tree

B. Queues


Que 2: When converting the binary tree into an extended binary tree, all the original nodes in the binary tree are

  • internal nodes on extended tree
  • external nodes on extended tree
  • vanished on extended tree
  • None of above


A. internal nodes on extended tree


Que 3: For analyzing an algorithm, which is better computing time?

  • O (100 Log N)
  • O (N) (c)O (2N)
  • O (N logN)
  • O (N2).


A. O (100 Log N)

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 4: Which method of traversal does not use stack to hold nodes that are waiting to be processed?

  • Dept First
  • D-search
  • Breadth-first
  • Back-tracking


C. Breadth-first


Que 5: The complexity of the linear search algorithm is

  • O(n)
  • O(n^2)
  • O(log n)
  • O(n log n)

A. O(n)


7. Algorithms

Que 1: A system wherein items are added from one and removed from the other end.
a) Stack
b) Queue
c) Linked List
d) Array
View Answer

Answer: b
Explanation: In a queue, the items are inserted from the rear end and deleted from the front end.


Que 2: Indentation in a program

  • Improves its readability and understanding
  • Is compulsory
  • Both
  • None


A. Improves its readability and understanding


3 - Apriori algorithm analysis does not include −

A - Time Complexity

B - Space Complexity

C - Program Complexity

D - None of the above!

Answer: C

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide

Que 3: In the conversion from prefix to postfix using a stack data structure, if operators and operands are pushed and popped exactly once, then the run-time complexity is −

A - Ο(1)

B - Ο(n)

C - Ο(log n)

D - Ο(n2)

Answer: B

8. fluid intelligence MCQ questions


9. Analytics Ability & Problem Solving MCQ questions

10. Numerical Ability

 // Solved By Pappu Career Guide


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