CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021


CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021
CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021


CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021

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In this post, I am going to share the Interview experience for CTS - Cognizant Interview Questions for all Branch 2021. and I also shared my personal tips which you should follow so that you can clear in one go.

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CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021

Cognizant interview experience:

Que 1. Tell me about yourself?

Que 2. Explain Project 

Que 3. Did u do anything new in ur project 

Que 4. SDLC model  

Que 5. Inner join outer join diff

Que 6. Dbms queries 

Que 7. Rdbms DBMS diff with example 

Que 8. What is DS

Que 9. Linear and nonlinear DS

Que 10. Wat r the free open source software? 

Que 11. Array list difference

Que 12. Wat SDLC model u used in ur project? 

Que 13. What is oops? 

Que 14. Is c support oops? 

Que 15. Function overloading 

Que 16. One aptitude ques gave to solve

Que 17. One string program is given to solve

Que 18. What is microprocessor

Que 19. What are the electives u chose this semester? 

Que 20. Asked me whether I have any questions? 

Que 21. Asked me whether I did well? 

Que 22. What are the steps in computer designing? 

Que 23. What is the class? 

Que 24. Wat database u used in ur project? 

Que 25. Can we declare an array in structure? 

Que 26. What is an array? 

Que 27. Rules for DBMS

Que 28. Html4 and html5 diff

Que 29. Tell about yourself

Que 30. Linux commands 

Que 31. FDMA

Que 32. Index in DBMS

Que 33. Primary key, unique key

Que 34. Infix postfix

Que 35. One aptitude

Que 36. Questions related to the essay

Que 37. SDLC

Que 38. Blackbox testing

Que 39. Linear nonlinear ds

Que 40. Array linked list diff

Que 41. C- pointer related ques

Que 42. Function overloading operator overloading

Que 43. Tell about yourself 

Que 44. Multicast routing

Que 45. 2 Apptitude Questions

Que 46. Linear and nonlinear

Que 47. Array and linked list

Que 48. What is a data structure 

Que 49. Garbage collection 

Que 50. About project 

Que 51. Given a program and asked the output

Que 52. How to connect c with database

Que 53. What is WTA?

Que 54. Why do you want to join CTS?

Que 55. Why did you join IT?

Que 56. Where do you want to see in the future?

Que 57. Any questions you want to ask?

Que 58. What is ODBC?

CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021
CTS - Cognizant 96 Important Interview Questions 2021

Que 59. Linux commands

Que 60. Linear vs nonlinear ds

Que 61. Outer join vs inner join 

Que 62. Given two tables to perform left outer join

Que 63. Array vs linked list

Que 64. Linked list vs tree

Que 65. Project 

Que 66. Client-server in your project

Que 67. Java program to predict output

Que 68. How do you overcome a difficult situation

Que 69. Recent technologies you know

Que 70. Subquery

Que 71. If you select in cognizant but you have no interest in a particular area how will you work in that

Que 72. Tell me about yourself

Que 73. Project explanation

Que 74. Questions from project

Que 75. Three puzzles(age calculation,ratio,permutations)

Que 76. What language is comfortable

Que 77. Difference between c and java

Que 78. Difference between function overloading and function overriding

Que 79. OOPS concepts(explanation)

Que 80. Inheritance

Que 80. SDLC model, waterfall model, agile model

Que 81. DBMS join queries with library situation

Que 82. About Microprocessor and embedded systems

Que 83. Array

Que 84. Linked list

Que 85. Doubly linked list

Que 86. Applications of linked list

Que 87. OSI Architecture

Que 88. Architecture layers process

Que 89. Deadlock conditions

Que 90. Sorting algorithms (program)

Que 91. Stack

Que 92. New technologies that you know

Que 93. Tell about that technology

Que 94. Real life-based questions

Que 95. Any questions to ask

Que 96. About Corona situations

About The Post:

In this Post, All Students get to know all the information about upcoming interviews who is still not received CTS Interview Dates so prepare these questions All the best. and anyone has any questions related to this post you can reach to me or comment on this post you will get a response as soon as possible.