TCS March Latest NQT Interview Experience 2021 | TCS March NQT 2021 Hiring | TCS Interview Questions 2021

TCS March Latest NQT Interview Experience 2021
TCS March Latest NQT Interview Experience 2021

TCS March Latest NQT Interview Experience 2021 Questions 

First of all written test:

Cleared. Didn't attempted coding questions. Even then also selected. 

So it started  with a tr + Mr round there were two interviews questions asked 

TR and MR Interview Experience:

1)Introduce yourself... 

2) what were your project and your role in that project? 

(Question was asked from me from my project that why can't others do what you did?) 

3)Then your fav sub I told thermodynamics then 1 question from that 

4) What are the basics of thermodynamics? 

5) do you know any language? 

I told yes I have learned the C language also learned it in my first year of my college. 

6)do you know what is loop?( Ans was given) 

7) what are the types of loops? ( Ans was given) 

8) what is the difference between 

While Loop and do while Loop (Ans was given) 

9) what is oops? ( could not ans) 

10) what is SQL? ( could not ans) 

11)Why did you leave your previous job? (Ans) 

12) being a Mechanical student why you want to come to IT Sector? ( Ans) 

13) what you choose TCS only and what do you know about TCS? 

TR+Mr round completed 

HR round 

1) Tell me something which you have not mentioned in your cv? 

2) document verification took place? 

3) Being a Mechanical student will you be able to manage in Tcs? 

4) what does the Company do? ( previous Company) 

5) what was your role there? 

6) as your Salary is quite higher as we are offering here so do you know about that it might be quite embarrassing for you? 

7) Do you know that you will have to fill the bond also? 

8) are you comfortable working in shifts?

Thank you

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TCS March Latest NQT Interview Experience 2021

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